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Sliding Door Repair

Is your patio door hard to slide? Is a any part broken or missing? Regardless of your issue, the experienced team at the Window Gurus is here to help! We specialize in repair and maintenance of most sliding door brands. Our team will assess the issue and provide an effective and efficient solution. We use only the best materials and products to ensure our work is reliable and long-lasting. Once the door is back in working condition, we’ll also provide you with advise  on how to properly maintain your door and extend its life.

Sliding door repairs:

  • Replacing worn-out rollers and tracks

  • Replacing broken glass and hardware

  • Adding weatherstripping and seals

  • Replacing broken & misaligned handles

  • Adjusting or replacing hinges

  • Replacing and adjusting locks

  • Rebalancing sliding doors

  • Aligning sliding patio doors

  • Repairing water damage

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