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Rotted Window Repair Services in Plain City, Dublin, Hilliard & Columbus, OH

Do you have a window with a rotting frame, sash, sill or trim? We can repair that window so it will continue to give you many years of usefulness and look beautiful just as it was originally designed to.

We don’t like short-term fixes, so instead of just patching with epoxy or hardened wood putties, we like to remove the internal rot and replace that part of the frame with new wood. This can be done to the whole window frame or just the portion of the damaged wood.

Depending on the complexity problem we can offer you the following services:

  • repair wooden frames

  • repair window sill

  • repair wooden sash

  • repair brick moldings

  • repair wooden boards

  • repair custom window trim



Your windows may remain in great condition, however, a sill can get rotten or break. A failed sill allows air and water leak through little gaps. Once moisture is trapped between a sill and a plate glass panel, it causes mold. It quickly penetrates wood and damages it permanently.

We provide window sill repair service to save your nice windows. This is a short and affordable procedure that can reduce your electricity bill and make your windows look like new.

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