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Broken & Foggy Window Repair in Plain City, Dublin, Hilliard & Columbus, OH

Foggy window repair. 

If your windows are fogging up, it can indicate that your home is losing valuable energy through windows that aren’t properly sealed.  This also indicates that your window seal is broken and allowing moisture into the windows.  This can lead to further issues such as mold growth and water damage that puts your home at risk of further spread.  It is important for the health of your home to stay informed on foggy windows.

Our trained professionals have the tools, experience, and expertise to repair foggy windows in homes throughout the Columbus area.  We can help keep your home free of foggy windows while also protecting your home from water damage, and make sure you home isn’t losing energy that it shouldn’t be.

Broken glass replacement.

Broken glass isn't just inconvenient but is also a safety hazard. Ensure that you and your employees stay protected with regular glass maintenance. We work with any kind of glass, Low-E, Tempered, Clear. In addition, we work with single pane, double pane, triple pane units and with custom shaped glass.

Fortunately, if your window breaks or no longer serves your needs, Window Gurus is here to help. With replacements and window repair across Columbus area, we’ll help you restore your old, broken, or damaged windows.

Any shape and any size.

We are fully capable to take care of any size and any shape glass from arches to trapezoids. We have all equipment to make job look easy. 

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